We are taking STEPS towards a sustainable future!

STEPS kickoff in September 2016, with 19 industry partners, three academic partners and Region Skåne.

About the program:

STEPS Sustainable Plastics and Transition Pathways

This research program was initiated during autumn 2016 after being awarded the funding for Mistra´s call of proposals on “Plastics in a Sustainable Society”.

The program, with a strong support from important stakeholders, has a vision of a future society in which plastics are sustainably developed, produced, used and recycled in a circular economy. STEPS is planned in close dialogue with industrial partners, and thus reflects the market needs for sustainable plastic systems both on a short-term and long-term basis.

It is based on the concept of designing eco-friendly plastics having desired material properties and -life cycle by matching appropriate carbon-neutral building blocks and their derivatives. Major focus in the programme is on polyesters, which represent a plastics group with varying properties for wide range of applications and a sizable global market.

STEPS aims to play a key role in instigating and accelerating this sustainability transition by strengthening the knowledge and research base for technology- and product development and innovation, developing and assessing key niche products with industrial partners, and analysing the sustainability, institutional and policy implications of potential transition pathways.

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Who is who?


Christopher Folkeson-Welch

        MISTRA            Program Director

Board Members


Britt-Marie Bertilsson

Chair of the Board


Kristy-Barbara Lange

      Deputy MD     Regulatory Affairs European Bioplastics


Maria Gustafsson

Project Manager, SIS (Swedish Standards Institute)


Søren Hvilsted

Professor DTU/Danish Polymer Centre

Management Group


Rajni Hatti-Kaul

Program Director     Leader WP1          Professor Biotechnology   Lund University


Baozhong Zhang

   Leader WP2  Assoc.Professor  CAS / Lund University


Lars J Nilsson

Leader WP3        Professor   IMES / Lund University


Christian Hulteberg

Chemical Engineering / Lund University

Teis Hansen

Teis Hansen

Human Geography  Lund University

Åsa Hallden Björklund

Åsa Halldén Björklund

Perstorp Group

Ellen närbild full

Ellen Lindblad

Sysav Utveckling AB


Nicolas Rehnberg



Puneet Trehan

IKEA of Sweden


Johanna Generosi

Program           Coordinator           & Secretary          FSI / Lund University

External Communication


Katarina Elner-Haglund

ELNER Communication